Summer 2016

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Summer 2016

Postby RaymondAbel » Sat Oct 01, 2016 6:54 pm

It started the day before, Living my town alone (4 hours drive away to get their) to get their before night then getting ready for the next morning helping around to get all setup ready for the night. You must like to sleep in a gaz smelling trailer to save some cost. It is almost 3 years now that I work my way around Quebec’s tracks . I am known as fast old man with “good line”. It is a very good reputation as far as track day is concern. I must admit that I have good line not for the reputation but because I am to scare to try anything to foolish… 165kh/h is fast to drag your knee.
I feel that now it is time to do more than “wearing CMA t-shirst, CMA patches, CMA basball cap but installing the CMA banner. So I did it. I must say nothing special happen. Just ordinary: setup with my old canopy, old generator running, warmers on & checking tire pressure as always. Bike inspection, driver s meeting & getting ready for first laps. My goal: 2:00 “flat” I am at 2:06 this will be a bit of a challenge. Saving one second by turn & getting up to 20 km/h at the end of the “stretch” … I am promoted to the red group (the advance group) because the yellow group is too full. I am the slowest driver of the pack. Well this what I taught… For sur, I am one of the oldest. The session went well. This is so much fun!! Then stop for the pit-lane life. I helped to fix 5 bikes. Those kids are so hard with their mechanic. 3rd session, I realise that I am not the slowest & my lap time dropped to 2:03. Almost 2:02. Mid-afternoon. I friendly race between me & a kid half my age for 10 minutes. I am exhausted but it was such a fun. I was installing my warmer & a kid that I met yesterday night ask me: “Are you Christian or some sort? “ Yes I am. “I am not a believer, my Girlfriend is but we agred not to talk about it. I am a “septic” he said. Then we chat for an hour. I miss a track session but it worth it. I did 2:01 during my last session.
I came back home very late that night, executed. I drop 4 secondes my lap time, I am officially in the advance group , Officially in the VIP group & with a big smile on my face thinking about my “septic” friend. Prayiny for "holy appointment" works after all. Even In Québec.

Ray from the unofficial “Red line ministry” Fastlane in Québec and Proud honorific “KneeBender “ & “New Image rider” member

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Re: Summer 2016

Postby SteveSchiller » Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:18 am

Very nice story! I just love reading about motorcycle ministry!!!

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Re: Summer 2016

Postby Sparkey » Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:04 pm

Enjoyable story, thanks for that.
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