Dirty Face Dual Sport, Saturday, June 14, 2014

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Dirty Face Dual Sport, Saturday, June 14, 2014

Postby robd0gg » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:34 pm

Join me for this great event on Saturday June 14. This is a great ride that has been going on for some 25+ years in the Central Cascades near Lake Wenatchee.

This is a true dual sport event, meaning it's primarily intended for plated dirt and enduro bikes. They have just one route, with some optional "A" sections.. (sorry, no Adventure route for this event) the "A" sections are really not that hard, for an experienced rider on a 650 or smaller bike.. Trust me on that.. some (most) dual sport events, have very tough "A" sections, but not this one.. they intentionally avoid the fabulous, but very advanced single track in the area because of the damage it would cause to run that many bikes through.

Other then the "A" sections, the route is made entirely up of roads.. mostly dirt forest/gravel roads, some paved, and for the most part, would be ridable by most bikes, but there are some intermediate sections on semi-rough, older roads and two track, that shouldn't be a problem for an intermediate rider on a 650 or smaller bike, but would be a handful on a larger bike unless they're pretty skilled (just my opinion).. The highlight of the route is the fire lookout at Sugarloaf which has some spectacular views of the Central Cascades.

This is a poker run of sorts.. but instead of simply drawing cards, they have little skill tests and games at various check points.. the better you do, the higher you place.. they usually have lots of give aways, and a free lunch after the ride. Plenty of camping at the beautiful Lake Wenatchee State park, less then a mile away.

Street legal bikes only naturally. A roll chart holder is needed for the route, but if you don't have one, just find someone to follow.. hopefully someone who knows how to read a roll chart.. ;^)

Let me know if your interested in going and we can maybe grab a few adjoining camp spots at the State Park.. but they fill up fast.. so I am going to reserve a spot this week. I plan to go over Friday through Sunday. Might actually try and leave Thursday night so as to ride in the area some on Friday before the event.
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