When good ideas, go bad (the saga of HB 1632)

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When good ideas, go bad (the saga of HB 1632)

Postby robd0gg » Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:05 pm

I got this today from the CLOUT alert system.. CLOUT is an alert notification system part of WOHVA and is a very good way to keep up on state level issues around recreational motorcycling, quadding, 4x4 etc.

It's unfortunate because some of the zealous backers of this bill (including the original author) are blindly going along with whatever the Anti-access people want.. which is totally bizarre. All you have to do is ask, why in the world with the anti-access crowd support a bill that gives additional access to OHV users? because they are being allowed to put in all kinds of onerous restrictions and limitations, which will actually hurt OHV riders all across the state.. just so a few miles of road can be opened in very specific, and very limited areas.

it's absurd really


Here is the summary from WOHVA and the NMA detailing what the passage of HB
1632 in the 2013 Legislature does to the WA OHV users.

Excutive Summary;
The original intent of this legislation was to allow ORV’s with some street
vehicle equipment installed, to use forest roads on public lands along with
some county or state roads with a speed limit of 35 mph and under.
The Northwest Motorcycle Association and the Washington Off Highway Vehicle
Alliance supported that objective but eventually withdrew their support for
this Bill.
However, anti-ORV organizations allied with some very vocal ATV users, e.g.
Gary Johnson, Ted Jackson & Premier Polaris in Monroe, became its biggest
A lot was changed and it did not accomplish this primary objective.
www.nmaoffroad.org www.wohva.org


Opens roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less in the seven smallest
counties in the State to use by quads that have been modified, inspected and
licensed for restricted road use.
(see details below for the modification requirements)

Allows the other counties and cities to change their laws to allow the same
type of quad road usage.
Removes quads and UTV not modified for road use from the existing laws that
allow small cities and counties to open additional roads to ORV use based on
the 2003 changes to the law.

Requires new metal license plates on all quads.

Requires a valid driver license for road use of a quad.

Creates multiuse roadway account funded by new fees on quad license plates.
The money in this account can only be spent on engineering, signage and law

Specifically exempts this license plate from being valid for use on
nonhighway roads such as ones managed by the United States Forest Service,
National Parks, Washington State Department of Natural Resources to quad

Law enforcement officers may cite the operator of a quad for any violation
of law based on a statement made by anyone. This statement must include at a
minimum, the time, location and description of the vehicle. It will be up to
the officer to determine if that is enough probable cause to write a ticket.
As with all infractions, the rider will be forced to go to court and prove
their innocence for each claimed violation as you are guilty until proven
innocent when issued a citation for an infraction.

Removes the requirement that money that comes from ORV gas tax must only go
to facilities intended primarily for ORV recreational users.

Adds some liability protection for ORV operators rendering assistance at
incidents involving ORV.
Raises the age where direct supervision of quad riders on roads by someone
over 18 years old is required from 13 to 16 years old.

Exempts all quads from state Discover pass requirements, but does not do the
same for motorcycles.

Modifications required for restricted road use of quads
Headlights complying with RCW46.37.030 and RCW46.37.040.
One taillight complying with RCW46.37.525, except UTV must comply with
Stoplight complying with RCW46.37.200
Reflectors complying with RCW46.37.060
Turn signals complying with RCW46.37.200 during hours of darkness.
A mirror giving a complete view at least 200 feet behind the vehicle, except
UTV must have two mirrors complying with RCW46.37.400.
A windshield complying with RCW46.37.430 except when the operator wears
State Patrol approved eye protection.
Horn complying with RCW46.37.380.
Brakes in working order.
Spark arrestor and muffler complying with RCW46.09.470
Seat belts complying with RCW46.37.510 for UTV.
Inspection documentation from a licensed dealership or repair shop.
False statements on the documentation are a gross misdemeanor with a
violation penalty of up to one year in jail.
The inspection can cost no more the $50.
The owner must sign a statement saying that they understand the vehicle was
not built for road use.

You are receiving this notification because you are a member of the
Washington CLOUT Action List. To update your status, or remove yourself
from this list, please contact the CLOUT Administrator at
mailto:clout@getclout.org. Forward this notice freely to your OHV Positive
associates via email, and get them involved, too!

Have your PRO-OHV friends get their own personalized CLOUT Alerts by having
them send an email to mailto:clout@getclout.org with "CLOUT" in the subject
line along with their Name, their voting Zip Code AND your name as a
reference. That's all there is to it. Get them to do it TODAY so motorized
recreation will have an even stronger voice in Olympia.

Copyright © 2013 by getclout.org
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Re: When good ideas, go bad (the saga of HB 1632)

Postby jauntygreengiant » Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:29 pm

Goodness. What people come up with. It creates so many hoops for ATV rider to jump through its ridiculous.
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