Wa. State Rally

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Wa. State Rally

Postby pnwroamer » Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:04 pm

....we came, we saw, we conquered! (I know someday someone will quote me on that) :lol:
Just home and early reflections: Great to have met and ridden with you all.

Friday, Rob , Jack and I took off on a recon mission. I didn't realize the mountains had gotten so much steeper than they were some 25 yrs. ago. .. :shock: , nature is strange that way, like gravitational forces having a much greater affect than they once did. (try picking up bikes!)
We stumbled upon some rather steep, long and challenging hill climbs and were not to be deterred! Eventually, I chose to stop half way up one steep section and take in the views. After a minute or two, I finally decided to extract my leg from under the bike, which had me pinned to the hillside. Well..., this is gonna be fun trying to start out on a steep, rocky slope!!! I give more credit to the bike (and Chief Overseer) for getting me to the top but that was the end of the day's mishaps. (for me)

Later we took a small venture out with several bikes and this became a mud wrestling, bike baptismal outing. Nobody broke (bikes or people) and it left several with situations to muse about for years to come... post pics for those who have them. The following day, folks chose to be content to hear the stories without attempting to see if they could repeat or top the bold endeavors of those who went before them :o BUT!!! some, once again, did decide to play in the initial water crossing, perhaps just to say "me too, isn't this fun!".

A giant loop up into the Taneum Mountain region ensued with a ride up to Peoh Point with a grandiose view all about the valleys below and the mountains beyond. We had our own "bike games" (which should have elicited awards) as we played Bike Limbo, manhandling several under an iron gate which was impeding the progress of our mission. Somewhere just prior to this, one spirited individual decided to do some tumbling routines which he must have learned in basic training. It was most impressive seeing him tumble over and over down a steep. short hillside only to get up laughing and motor off. (what some folks will do for attention!) :lol: I scored him a 9.8

Off we went and three of us diverted on some tasty single track, shortly to reunite with the group and plan the route out of the wilderness. ( little did most know, this route would take us deeper and deeper into unknown regions, up and over ridges, descending into deep valleys and up and over yet more ridges).

Well... Rob and I knew how to get out but it's fun to add a heightened sense of adventure by saying things like " uh..., I think this is the way" or
" well, it's been 25 yrs. since I've been back in here" or, "It shouldn't be too much further!" Rob split off to assist a random rider (not of our group) who had run out of gas so we split up, with the knowledge of where we were going and who went with whom. I think people were relieved when we finall topped out on South Cle Elum Ridge and could see "base camp" area below. One final steep, dusty, winding descent from high above the valley and lo and behold!!! pavement!!!!!! (I know I heard a sigh of relief from some) ;)

Back into camp five minutes before dinner.... thankyou Lord! All returned safely, with gas ( a consideration for some way back in the mountains), and a sense that they had just experienced a wonderful and adventurous outing...and I reflected.. "Lord willing, we'll have to do this again!!!" :D
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Re: Wa. State Rally

Postby robd0gg » Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:38 pm

nice write up.. although a minor correction.. those steep, long hill climbs were not stumbled upon.. I seek those out.. one of my favorite thing to do is blasting up big hills.. hehe..

thanks for shepherding the crew out on that ride Saturday, and thanks to Shawn for following me down when I gave that guy a lift back to camp

I intend to go back up there and do some more 'esploring soon. Easton/Cle Elum is so close and while most of the stuff North of the freeway is closed down, there are ways to do a decent dual sport ride up in there..
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